Friday, February 12, 2010

This Tote is 3+ Years Old

Well Made
Well Used
Well Liked

I made this tote for myself over three years ago.  It has been well used on many occasions from traveling with me on the airplane, to carrying my fabric swatches to the fabric store, to going over to my Mom's for a slumber party, and as a purse to match my many outfits in this beautiful teal color.  Not only is it functional, it is useful and pretty.  Plus I have monogramed my initials on it to make it very personalized.  No other will be made like it again, ever. 

You may think that $50-$75 is a lot to pay for an item like this, however if you look at the price over the long haul, it costs fractions of a cent a day to own and use.  For instance, a bag or tote that is $60 today, costs a mere $12 a year to use and enjoy over a five year term.  I plan to get many more years of use out of this tote than five because, wheather I make it for myself, a friend, a family member or a customer, I make it to last a very long time indeed.