Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Autumn is Almost Here!

It's past the middle of September already and time keeps ticking by, much to fast. I have been very busy sewing my wardrobe for Autumn, not that we really need warm clothing here in Central Arizona! However, I do enjoy the change of pace from Summer colors and shorts to capri pants and warm colors. My favorites for this time of year are golds, burnt oranges, tans, olive greens, blacks, and most warm colors. I'm not a fan of orange, pumpkin orange that is, and I have just about skipped thinking about Halloween this year although we do have an annual dress up affair to attend....oh, my dear, what shall Brent and I be this year? Year before last we were Mimi and Drew, and we even worn a prize for best couple. Last year we were saloon girl and cowboy. Brent even had a blow up horse he rode in on but we were not favorites. I'm thinking about it, but it may interfere with our planned trip to Columbus, OH, to visit Brent's Dad (I affectionately call him Daddy Paul) and his Step Mom, Lana. We will also visit with his sister, Billi, who is expecting her third child in late October.

Brent is off to Austin the beginning of November and I thought I would take a flight down while he is there and visit my Son, Cameron, who just got a great new job in Houston. He is going to be traveling about eighty percent of the time so I don't know if he will be home, so when he finds out I will decide what I will do....go or not to go, that is the question.

I've finished up a few new wreaths to post on Etsy, but sales are almost nonexistant, and I have not posted yet. Sometimes, I just have to stop crafting for fun, which is what I post on Etsy, and get serious about sewing for me! Well that is about it for now. Dinner is ready to serve, so off I go to the kitchen!

Thursday, August 30, 2007


Dear Friends,

I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day Holiday! I finally took the plunge and bought my Domain Name for the web. If you type in http://sewsassycreations.com then you will go directly to my Etsy Store.

I am now taking orders for Christmas stockings, customized with names and designs of your choice. Prices begin at $15.00 and go up depending on the materials involved. Also, notice, I have started my line of Christmas and Winter wreaths. The Autum selections were quite popular and I sold one to my chiropractor. The baby wreath also sold and the people who received it as a gift were quite taken by it and were so thrilled that they had an original work of art to hang in the new baby's room.

Please notice lots of changes to the site, especially a list on the right of my Etsy friends, when clicked on will take you directly to their site or blog. All of us artisans on Etsy need and appreciate each and every sale. I think we are each others best customers! However anyone and everyone is invited to window shop (pun hahaha) and purchase!

Have a safe and happy weekend...and remember to thank and memoralize all of those who have sacrificed for each one of us and our wonderful, Land of the free and home of the brave!


Friday, August 24, 2007

Gearing up for Christmas

Childs Christmas Tree design T-shirt

Birds of a Feather Christmas Pillow featuring winter Chickadees

Details of Silver and Gold Metalic Dove of Peace Wreath

I have been busy the last week or so and getting into the Christmas Spirit. Every year I create unique gifts for my friends and family and this year is no exception, however, I do believe that my friends and family have had enough of my handmade gifts, so this year I will be posting my items in my Etsy on line store. Here are some pictures or what I have made already. There will be more to come!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Featured Artist: Bottled Up Designs Helps Clean up the Enviornment

My name is Laura Bergman, and I have created Bottled Up Designs, jewelry and gifts handmade from the glass of antique bottles! All of my pieces are 100% handmade from the glass of antique bottles, that I reclaim from old bottle dumps in the woods. I live in a very rural area in the Pennsylvania Amish Country, and in the woods around me there are multiple bottle dumps and old glass scattered everywhere.

One day when I was talking a walk, there was a baby fawn and her mother laying in the leaves. When they caught my scent they were up and away, and where the fawn was laying was the jagged remains of an antique Noxema bottle. I was horrified at what all this old glass could be doing to the wildlife, and after having one of my dogs come home with their feet cut, I began picking up all of these old pieces and working with them. In time, what emerged was Bottled Up Designs.

Being an old bottle collector for 20 years, I can pretty much pick up any remains of a bottle and tell you what is was and how old it is, so I tried to work that knowledge into my pieces. Each piece of Bottled Up Designs comes with The Story of the Glass, where I will detail that for you.

I am thrilled to have created something that is very historical, and am able to reclaim these lovely treasures discarded many, many years ago. I am also happy to present a beautiful product that the glass is not made is some modern factory using more natural resources.

I do have them in a few stores locally, and am really looking to expand my wholesale/consignment business.

Take a look! http://www.bottledupdesigns.etsy.com/

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Natures Wreaths

All around the year I collect (harvest and dry) items from the natural world that I find interesting to later incorporate into craft creations. This year I have concentrated on pods from bottle and chilian mesquite trees planted in my yard about five years ago. Pictured above ia a wreath with pumpkin and doggie embroidery surrounded with silk flowers and pods. The little doggies are telling all to meet them in the pumpkin patch for a playful romp!
This wreath is made from almost all pods from both the trees and then sprayed gold.

This centerpiece is a very full piece made from lots and lots of both types pods, silk leaves, candles and ribbons. The bowl in the center is filled with colored water to hold either a beautiful fall bunch of flowers or floating candles.

This is a playful wreath made of pods, aftfully arranged around silk sunflowers and other fall colored silk flowers and stalks.

Here is a bowl of harvested and dried pods. Notice the rich brown color of the outside of the pod and the inner gold of the seeds and pod lining.
I have made these wreaths and centerpieces to adorn and decorate my own home, however, if you see something you really like, convo me at my Etsy shop and I will customize a creation for you.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Abundant Harvest

After every storm there is a calming sunshine. This morning I awoke with the feeling of calm and inspiration awashing my spirit, renewing my soul with hope and the realization of abundant blessings.
For many weeks, a struggle has been a heavy cloud overshadowing my work and creative processes. Work has been a task of persistence rather than an uplifting pleasure of inspired creation. I had planned on pushing ahead with the work of making and listing Christmas season items in the Etsy Store, skipping the Autumn season. Something awakened in my inner being, and the sudden realization that this season is one of the most joyful in which I create overcame my desire to hurry up and start on Christmas! There is a calming feeling that the colors of rust, gold, burnt reds, browns, olive greens, oranges, and yellows, envoke, which could not, and would, not be ignorned by my spirit the year!
I was overcome with a yearning to celebrate the harvest of the year, to experience the harvest joy. I came to the realization that this year has been a struggle, a learning curve, and yes, I had planted seeds, sowed them, hoed them, weeded and nurtured them, and now it was time to reap the benefits and the joy that comes with watching a thing grow and then celebrating the well earned fruit of the spirit.
Because of this renewal, I am offering this Autum line of inspirational gifts. These creations of the season, celebrate the balance of light and darkness, the Autumn Soltice, and the abundance of our personal harvests in our lives.
Please enjoy these gifts to you and may you be blessed with warmth in your home, love in your heart, peace in your soul and joy in your heart.
Sew Sassy Sandy

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Giant Learning Curve

I'm trying really hard to get traffic to my blog, business to my Etsy site, all the while creating new and neat stuff for store inventory. There are sooo many options. The more I look, the more I realize I have so much to learn about all of this blog and ecommerce business. It is almost overwhelming and eventhough I have been computing for years, there is never a standstill in the learning curve of new technology. I imagine the best way to do it, is one small step at a time, a little everyday. One day I will look back and say, "Hey, I was 5o something, and I taught myself how to do that, and good for me." Hopefully all this struggle will pay off in ways I may not be able to conceive at the moment.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Morning Glory Blue, Art Deco Roses

Introducing new products at Sew Sassy Esty, just listed, morning glory blue hand towels and purse. Both feature Art Deco Roses embroidery pattern and vintage 60's (yes 60's!!!) braided trim.

Visit my Etsy shop by clicking on the title to this post for more details and more pictures. Thanks for visiting!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

In the Heat of the Arizona Summer

Here are a few of the items I have added to my shop since I have blogged last.

It is hot this time of year in the Phoenix area. Temps are ranging from a mere 89 to about 113 degrees F. and the monsoon season has just begun. The last two nights it has rained and thundered and lightinged (is that really a word? LOL) and in the days, OMGosh, the humidity has been way up in the 35-40 percentile. This is a really good time to stay indoors, in the cool, cool air conditioning, and create! That is exactly what I have been doing: some creating, some brainstorming!
Coming up for the shop is a beautiful rose print and light blue denim tote with super retro trim, some new towels in morning glory blue with art deco roses and retro trim, wreaths for the autum season, plus a new wall hanging with a sewing room theme. I can't wait to finish up and get these super items in the store inventory. It's not too early to think about shopping for the holidays!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Thinking of Autumn

Autumn is just around the corner and here is the first of my autumn wreaths. The is a great way to welcome your fall guests. Hang it on your front door as a wonderful greeting or decorate inside doors or walls with this little cutie. Full details by clicking on the link above.

Spirit of the Zebra Wall Hanging

Inspired by the Serengeti Plains of Africa is a new wall hanging from Sew Sassy Creations called Spirit of the Zebra. I did this particular wall hanging because several of my friends have safari themed rooms. Patti has a Zebra themed bedroom, Judy and Ann both have Safari themed rooms in their homes. The next addition to this collecion is Spirit of the Elephant and will be offered soon.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sun Flowers

Celebrate Summer with bright and cheery Sun flowers: Towels, pillows, and more to come to decorate your body and your house! Of Course, they are available at http://sewsassycreations.etsy.com!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Tropical Birds in Paradise

This is a beautifully detailed wall hanging of real life tropical birds. The first is a Toucan and the second is a Mexican Parrot. The embroidered birds are set on a background of tafeta material embroidered with delicate palms and accented with permanent water color. The inset of the birds is trimed with cording that matches the outer frame which is made of a tropical print in festive colors. Demensions and other information is available on my Etsy and also may be purchased directly from my site.

I was inspired to make this piece by looking at a picture of my hubby and myself all dressed up for a Hawaiian Party...too bad we were attending the party in Arizona and not Hawaii!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

US Navy, Honor Those who Serve

What a nice way, indeed, to say Thank You to your favorite US Navy Service Member! Available now. Remember, I will drop ship anywhere in the US as well as APO, FPO boxes!

Friday, June 15, 2007

About Etsy

Esty is the artisans alternative to EBay.
Etsy has over 250,000 registered members.
Of these 250,000 members, over 50,000 are sellers.
There are Etsy sellers in 84 different countries.
There are currently about 500,000 items listed on Etsy.
If you added up the dollar value of all the items currently for sale, it’d total over $10,000,000.
In under two years of operation, almost $10,000,000 in items has been sold on Etsy.
For every five new item listings on Etsy, two items sell.

Honor All Who Serve

This Embroidered pillow was made to honor the Marines who serve and have served overseas, especially in active combat zones. My friend Patsy purchased this pillow from my Etsy site for her son in law, who by the way, is a Marine and has served in Iraq. I commend
Justin Kronenberg and his new wife Tavia for serving and making the sacrifice for our nations freedom! Thank you all who serve and have served in the Marines!

In the Patriotic Mood

This Month I am in the mood for all things patriotic. I have stitched this design, although I have not decided what to make out of it....If you have any ideas or special requests send me a note
* Look at the bottom of the posts to see what I ended up making with this stitchout. S.