Friday, June 15, 2007

About Etsy

Esty is the artisans alternative to EBay.
Etsy has over 250,000 registered members.
Of these 250,000 members, over 50,000 are sellers.
There are Etsy sellers in 84 different countries.
There are currently about 500,000 items listed on Etsy.
If you added up the dollar value of all the items currently for sale, it’d total over $10,000,000.
In under two years of operation, almost $10,000,000 in items has been sold on Etsy.
For every five new item listings on Etsy, two items sell.


JuliaCatherine said...

Thats good info that i didnt know! Thanks for posting. Just wanted to let you know i just created a sale section.. im telling everyone about it, i even blogged it!
Julia Catherine

Anonymous said...

Thank you for featuring me.