Thursday, April 8, 2010

In the Spring My Thoughts Turn to Gardening

I have to admit I have been a little neglectful of my Etsy Shop since around April 5.  Not only have I made the wedding dress since then I have completed a swim suit ensemble for my friend consisting of Bikini Top, little boy bottoms, another top with bra insert, swim wrap and headband with flower.  She is going to a resort and wanted to look very fashionable around the pool.  That she will, as it is very cute.

I can hardly bring myself in to sew since the yard is in full bloom and it is time to transplant and divide.  I wake up, take my morning coffee on the patio and before I know it, in nightgown and robe and slippers, I am working on the garden.  Thank goodness we have a privacy fence.  This morning my hubby told me my hair looked like I had stuck my finger in a socket....BED HEAD!  Being the certified Master Gardner that I am, I can't help myself.  It is in my blood and believe me I have the fingernails to prove I am a gardener!  Following are some SNAPS of the work I have been up to....

Color in the Desert in Our Back Yard

Color in the Desert in Our Front Yard

When most people think of the desert, they think, drab, dull, brown, hot and dry.  Here in the Sonoran Desert in the Spring, the landscape is awash with color, especially if there has been plenty of rain, as is the case this year.  Following are some pictures from my yard in Casa Grande, AZ.  Casa Grande is located about halfway between Phoenix and Tuscon.  The following pictoral is for your enjoyment.