Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Autumn is Almost Here!

It's past the middle of September already and time keeps ticking by, much to fast. I have been very busy sewing my wardrobe for Autumn, not that we really need warm clothing here in Central Arizona! However, I do enjoy the change of pace from Summer colors and shorts to capri pants and warm colors. My favorites for this time of year are golds, burnt oranges, tans, olive greens, blacks, and most warm colors. I'm not a fan of orange, pumpkin orange that is, and I have just about skipped thinking about Halloween this year although we do have an annual dress up affair to attend....oh, my dear, what shall Brent and I be this year? Year before last we were Mimi and Drew, and we even worn a prize for best couple. Last year we were saloon girl and cowboy. Brent even had a blow up horse he rode in on but we were not favorites. I'm thinking about it, but it may interfere with our planned trip to Columbus, OH, to visit Brent's Dad (I affectionately call him Daddy Paul) and his Step Mom, Lana. We will also visit with his sister, Billi, who is expecting her third child in late October.

Brent is off to Austin the beginning of November and I thought I would take a flight down while he is there and visit my Son, Cameron, who just got a great new job in Houston. He is going to be traveling about eighty percent of the time so I don't know if he will be home, so when he finds out I will decide what I will do....go or not to go, that is the question.

I've finished up a few new wreaths to post on Etsy, but sales are almost nonexistant, and I have not posted yet. Sometimes, I just have to stop crafting for fun, which is what I post on Etsy, and get serious about sewing for me! Well that is about it for now. Dinner is ready to serve, so off I go to the kitchen!

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