Thursday, August 2, 2007

Abundant Harvest

After every storm there is a calming sunshine. This morning I awoke with the feeling of calm and inspiration awashing my spirit, renewing my soul with hope and the realization of abundant blessings.
For many weeks, a struggle has been a heavy cloud overshadowing my work and creative processes. Work has been a task of persistence rather than an uplifting pleasure of inspired creation. I had planned on pushing ahead with the work of making and listing Christmas season items in the Etsy Store, skipping the Autumn season. Something awakened in my inner being, and the sudden realization that this season is one of the most joyful in which I create overcame my desire to hurry up and start on Christmas! There is a calming feeling that the colors of rust, gold, burnt reds, browns, olive greens, oranges, and yellows, envoke, which could not, and would, not be ignorned by my spirit the year!
I was overcome with a yearning to celebrate the harvest of the year, to experience the harvest joy. I came to the realization that this year has been a struggle, a learning curve, and yes, I had planted seeds, sowed them, hoed them, weeded and nurtured them, and now it was time to reap the benefits and the joy that comes with watching a thing grow and then celebrating the well earned fruit of the spirit.
Because of this renewal, I am offering this Autum line of inspirational gifts. These creations of the season, celebrate the balance of light and darkness, the Autumn Soltice, and the abundance of our personal harvests in our lives.
Please enjoy these gifts to you and may you be blessed with warmth in your home, love in your heart, peace in your soul and joy in your heart.
Sew Sassy Sandy


Judy said...

Hi! You have a nice blog! Would love to be a featured artist. Thanks!

Leigh said...

Hello! I would like to be a featured artist.

Username: gomeagan

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Anonymous said...

Your so inspirational. What a wonderful way with words you have! Thanks for sharing with us!