Sunday, August 19, 2007

Natures Wreaths

All around the year I collect (harvest and dry) items from the natural world that I find interesting to later incorporate into craft creations. This year I have concentrated on pods from bottle and chilian mesquite trees planted in my yard about five years ago. Pictured above ia a wreath with pumpkin and doggie embroidery surrounded with silk flowers and pods. The little doggies are telling all to meet them in the pumpkin patch for a playful romp!
This wreath is made from almost all pods from both the trees and then sprayed gold.

This centerpiece is a very full piece made from lots and lots of both types pods, silk leaves, candles and ribbons. The bowl in the center is filled with colored water to hold either a beautiful fall bunch of flowers or floating candles.

This is a playful wreath made of pods, aftfully arranged around silk sunflowers and other fall colored silk flowers and stalks.

Here is a bowl of harvested and dried pods. Notice the rich brown color of the outside of the pod and the inner gold of the seeds and pod lining.
I have made these wreaths and centerpieces to adorn and decorate my own home, however, if you see something you really like, convo me at my Etsy shop and I will customize a creation for you.

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