Sunday, January 31, 2010

God's Gifts to Us

God gives gifts to each  of us for the purpose of serving one another and glorifying Him.   This is not only true in our churches of worship, it also encompases those in whom we come into contact with each day.  The long term goal of spiritual growth is that others around us recognize the transformations that comes about in our daily lives.   The way we live our lives becomes an example for others.   God's gifts to us include inspired and divine speaking to others, serving others by recognizing and attending to their needs, teaching and encouraging, sharing, leading and showing compassion.  It is my goal this week in my daily walk at home and at SewSassy to serve you in anyway I can.  If you have a need for prayer this week, if you are hurting or worried, if you just need a friend to talk to, please contact me.  The Lord has lead you here for a reason and whatever the reason may be, I pray that I may be a blessing in your life.  I pray that God will bless you this week in your personal life as well as in your business.  I pray that if you come to my blog or my store, that I recognize that God has sent you as a gift to me and I am a gift to you.  Have a wonderful and productive week and may you do the work that the Lord our God has sent you with a happy heart.  Love and Blessings to you.


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