Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Spirit has blessed me with Talent

Since I have restarted blogging on Jan. 1, 2010, The Lord has called me to give up this little business of "mine", completely to him.  It's no longer mine, but his and his alone to do with as he pleases.  If you are called to this blog or the virtual store, then I believe that he has sent you here for a reason yet to be known by you or by me.  We are to share the gifts that he has given me, and I to receive the gifts he has given you.  My nature is now changed because my mind is changed by giving the Spirit Control, which leads me into true Life and Peace.  Therefore, this week,  I will not fret if I get no sales, nor will if fret if nobody reads my blog.  It is out of my control and in His control  and his alone.  The Holy Spirit is constantly working to bring us new insight if we will only investigate with our spirits open.  The life in The Spirit is a daily revelation of Christ.  God has something to share with us everyday.  Everything we do operates by faith and trust in the Holy Spirit. 

Thank you for reading this, as I know and trust with all my heart that you are here as a gift to me from the Holy Spirit, and I to you.

May your week be blessed and your heart turned to God, for the good of everyone with whom you my come into contact with this week.


Lamblegs said...

You hit that right on the money more than you know. Keep up and stay focused and you'll be led in the right direction.

Sew Sassy Sandy said...

Thank you for your comment Lamblegs