Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Mess Fairy

See this sewing room mess?  I can't blog another word, list another item, or send another email until I get this mess cleaned up!  Creating is a MESSY business!  LOL.  I clean up my work space, start sewing again and within the week......OMgosh, the MESS Fairy has visited me again.  What to do?  Shut down for a day and organize once again. 

Has the MESS Fairy visited you lately?  If your creative space starts looking like this after a few days of total immersion in the creative process, post a comment and a link to a picture of YOUR MESS.  Maybe we should have a competition to see who is the MESSIEST.  Sandy


Prior said...

Love your bag and your work place looks great, I think! Lezlee

Sew Sassy Sandy said...

Thank you Lezlee, it look a lot better now that it is cleand up! When I am on a creative binge this is what it looks like after a week! Then I regroup and start over again!