Thursday, February 18, 2010

More Money than Brains?

"Authentic brand new Gucci for only $355… you better believe it! Seems nearly impossible especially since I’m referring to one of the latest tote bags to hit Gucci headquarters. Let me introduce to you ladies the Packable Nylon Tote, available now for pre-ordering and for only $355! So this roomy tote doesn’t feature rich all-around Gucci leather, hardware, or some kind of sensible structure, but I’m more than sure this can come handy someway or another". (It darn well better be for $355)  Blablablaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

I bet if I made a knock off and put it on Etsy for $20 it would never sell.............. There is absolutely nothing special about this bag I found on a blog today.  Are ppl crazy?  More money than brains it appears, and oh what a bargain!  Sandy

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