Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Fancy cuffs

I made these cuff bracelets for Valentine's Day Gifts.  They are Fun, Fab, and Easy.

I cut the ribbing off the bottom of a sweatshirt to include the seam.  The seam made the bottom ruffle.  (I saved the ribbing leftover from another project.  I save everything...).  Then I serged together the ribbing to fit the wrist.  It made four cuffs.   Then, I rummaged around in my button box and found mismatched buttons, appliques and yo- yos I had made earlier.  Next I used little pieces of stitch witch, (the kind on the roll you can mend hems with) and ironed the embellishments on the cuffs.  I did four cuffs in one evening setting.

They turned out really cute, warm, and comfy.  They will be fun to wear on Valentine's Day and totally made from leftovers from other projects.

See this project posted at and many more like it!

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