Friday, February 4, 2011

Sock Cuff Wrist Warmers

Sock Cuff Wrist Warmer Tutorial

Finished Product

I was doing the laundry yesterday, and was wondering what to do with socks that have holes in the sole (soul, LOL) or heel.  This is what I came up with...Sock Cuff Wrist Warmers. 

This project requires two holey socks with the cuff in tact, a serger set on the 3 thread rolled hem setting, 4 in of 1/4 inch elastic, and (optionally) the binding cut off the bottom of an old sweatshirt.  Project time is about 1/2 hour for the finished pair of wrist warmers. 

1.  Cut off the sole from the cuff of the sock.  Try the sock on after the cut.  If you want them shorter, cut more.  I left mine long to cover about 6 inches up the arm to keep me warm!

2.  If you choose to put the ruffle on, cut the rib knit binding from the sweatshirt in half lengthwise.

3.  Go to the serger and serge the (raw) cut edge of the sock to the raw edge of the ribknit, strecthing as you serge.

4.  Try on the sock at this stage to determine where you want the elastic loop.  Use about 2 in for each sock.  Backtack the elastic in place.  The elastic will hold the cuff in place and fits over your ring or index finger. 

5.  You are finished and your new warm sock cuffs are ready to wear!.

If you want to really dress them up, wear one of the bracelet cuffs from the previous tutorial, Fancy Cuffs.  I didn't sew any embellishmens on these wrist warmers, because I wanted to be able to Launder them.

Happy Sewing

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